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Code of Conduct

For Parents


The Henderson County Soccer Association (HCSA) supports youth soccer that is governed by a strong sense of individual and team sportsmanship.  The following are some of the principles and guidelines of the expectations of HCSA. 


  • HCSA believes in the principles of fair play, ethical behavior and the right of every individual to fully enjoy the sport of soccer without undue interference from others.
  • HCSA expects parents to comply with the referees’ decisions, which are made in the best interest of the players on the field.
  • HCSA realizes that participation in competitive activities is a source of strong feelings that often lead to misunderstandings and disagreements. However, HCSA believes that every participant has a duty be respectful of competitors.
  • HCSA expects its coaches, players, and parents to deal with conflicts in a spirit of good sportsmanship and to cooperate in promoting the enjoyment of soccer.
  • Illegal, unfair, rowdy, violent, dangerous, and unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated, whether on the field of play or away from the playing area.
  • Referees are the authority on the field and have the right to tell parents and coaches to leave sight and sound of the field if they fail to follow the code of conduct.

DON'T shout instructions to the player with the ball.

DON'T try to control the game from the sidelines.

DON'T try to teach "aggressiveness".

DON'T abuse game officials or show disrespect for your opponent.

DO encourage players to use the skills they are being taught.

DO teach the players to coach themselves on the field.

DO teach the players the skills.

DO set a good example by cheering for both teams on the field.


Since HCSA activities involve children from a very young age and since children are influenced by the behavior of adults, adult participants will be held to the very highest standards of conduct.  Any persons unwilling to abide by this Code should reconsider their involvement in HCSA activities.

Printable Code of Conduct for Parents

Recreation Coaches

All HCSA Recreation Soccer coaches are volunteers.  They are parents,  grandparents and friends who choose to volunteer their time to help teach the game of soccer and give back to their community. 

In order for teams to be formed, volunteers must be found to coach/lead teams. HCSA offers clinics, coaching manuals, camps and other resources to help educate and train coaches.  Please consider being a coach.  Coaching Applications are available here as well as in the Henderson County Parks and Recreation Department office.

Recreation Games/Practices

All games are played at Henderson County Parks and Recreation Departments soccer fields located at Jackson Park and the Fletcher Parks and Recreation Department soccer fields at the Fletcher Community Park.  Teams practice at local public schools, Jackson Park, Fletcher Community Park and other fields in their communities. Games may be scheduled for Saturdays, Sundays and some weeknights.

Risk Management

HCSA participates in the USYSA mandated Risk Management Program (Bylaw 214. Section 2) 

The program includes:

(1) Use of an employment / volunteer disclosure statement for all volunteers, employees, coaches and program administrators who are involved with any approved and sponsored program of USYSA / NCYSA / HCSA.

(2) Identification of a Risk Management Coordinator and alternate for the association. 

(3) Starting in the Fall of 2005 all volunteer coaches, assistants, adult referees, administrators and support personnel will be required to register online and complete a background check.

Payment for Academy, Challenge, and Classic

HCSA uses Blue Sombrero for online payment processing. Please click here to access to parent portal. Create an account, add your child, and enroll them in the appropriate program. You will then be given several payment options.